Installing VMWare-tools in ClarkConnect

Installing VMWareTools in ClarkConnect is very simple.
I found this solution on the ClarkConnect Forum.

Step 1: Determining your kernel version
With the following command you can retrieve your kernel version. On my system it is currently version

  [root@s1 /] # uname -r

Step 2: Preparing your system
First you need to update your package list using the apt-get update command, and secondly you need to install all the required packages.

 apt-get update
apt-get install
apt-get install binutils
apt-get install gcc
apt-get install make

Step 3: Verifying your installation
After installing the packages you can verify your installation with the following commands:

  [root@s1 /] # updatedb
 [root@s1 /] # locate linux/version.h
 [root@s1 /] # rpm -q kernel-devel

The first command updates the locate filedatabase. Second command queries that database for a file called version.h in a folder called linux. The third command searches the installed packages called kernel-devel.

Step 4: Installing and configuring VMWare Tools
First you need to mount your cd-rom drive.

  [root@s1 /] # mkdir /mnt/cdrom
 [root@s1 /] # mount /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom

Then you can start the installation and configuration of VMWare Tools. Normally the installer gives the good defaults so you just need to press enter on each question to accept the default.

  [root@s1 /] # cd /mnt/cdrom
 [root@s1 cdrom] # rpm -Uvh VMwareTools-1.0.1-29996.i386.rpm
 [root@s1 cdrom] #

Step 5: Reset your network

  /etc/init.d/networking stop
 rmmod pcnet32
 rmmod vmxnet
 depmod -a
 modprobe vmxnet
 /etc/init.d/networking start

That’s really all needed to install VMwareTools on ClarkConnect.

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